Billiards: Miscellaneous Strokes (English Edition) por W. Broadfoot

August 20, 2019

Billiards: Miscellaneous Strokes (English Edition) por W. Broadfoot
Titulo del libro : Billiards: Miscellaneous Strokes (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 16, 2013
Autor : W. Broadfoot
Número de páginas : 76
Editor : Maclachan Bell Press

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W. Broadfoot con Billiards: Miscellaneous Strokes (English Edition)

Major W. Broadfoot describes a variety of strokes many of which may be played in different ways, according to the position which it is desired to leave.
The number of such strokes which may be set up on the table is infinite, whilst the examples here given are necessarily few. They have, as in other cases, been selected after much thought, and being in some instances strokes commonly met with in a game, similar diagrams will be found in other books on billiards. Yet this does not involve plagiarism, for in many instances repetition cannot be avoided, as will be apparent when the spot stroke is described.
Endeavour has been made to give examples which may readily be varied at the will of the player, and so that slavish adherence to the measurements given may be unnecessary. This is important, for not only do tables vary slightly in make, but persons vary the manner of measuring. The diagrams, as before, must simply be considered approximate, but are, it is hoped, sufficiently correct and intelligible to enable a careful reader to set up the strokes when disposed for practice.
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