Flirty Dancing por Jenny McLachlan

April 2, 2020

Flirty Dancing por Jenny McLachlan
Titulo del libro : Flirty Dancing
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 3, 2014
Autor : Jenny McLachlan
Número de páginas : 245
Editor : Bloomsbury Children's Books

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Jenny McLachlan con Flirty Dancing

Bea Hogg is shy but fiery inside. When national dance competition Starwars comes to her school looking for talent, she wants to sign up. It's just a shame her best friend agreed to enter with school super-cow Pearl Harris. Bea will fight back! But when school hottie, Ollie Matthews, who also happens to be Pearl's boyfriend, decides to enter the competition with Bea, she will have more than a fight on her hands.

This warm, nuanced, hilarious story about friendship, fortitude . . . and dancing is impossible not to fall in love with. Jenny's voice is fresh and convincing, and she handles both darker and lighter elements of the story with equal panache.