Worlds worst blogger…

OK, it’s been a while since our last post. This is just to let people know we are still alive, despite the crazy Chinese and South East Asian roads, and the best efforts of the bastard mosquito that gave me Dengue Fever.

Since our last piece of online burbling, we have battled our way through China, barely made it out of Vietnam alive, and are currently bemusedly bashing the keyboard in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The blog was never intended to be an up to the minute commentary on what we’d just eaten for breakfast, or our latest #MEGALOL, but not posting anything for over a month is taking the piss a bit.

Like Ed Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and countless other whistle-blowers and revolutionaries before us, we know how vitally important it is to let people know the truth, whatever the personal sacrifice.  To this end, I have decided that this fountain of truth has been dry for too long, and must continue to flow. Despite the very real risk of repetitive strain injury (especially when typing in bed), we intend to bring the blog up to date with where we actually are, whilst of course providing world class travel journalism and earth shattering revelations along the way… Viva la revolution.

Still to come: A lot of Chinese people in China. Vietnam is hot. Pissing off an ancient Turtle. Suicide Asian Chickens. And much, much (or at least slightly) more….

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5 thoughts on “Worlds worst blogger…

  1. You’re in Siem Reap? So are we! For two more nights. Fancy meeting up? Or are too sick? Sorry to hear you got Dengue 😦

  2. Paul Mount says:

    About bloody time! 🙂 Hope you guys are well.. Sorry to hear about the dengue fever, worst I’ve had so far was pissin out the hole in my behind from some bad sushi, was a tense few days before farting was no longer a scary game of russian roulette.

    • dahl24 says:

      Haha Hi Mate

      Good to hear from you. Been lazy with the blogging and hardly even been using the Internet much.

      Just been catching up on your blog and looks like your really settling in. I’m jealous of the calligraphy class, that’s pretty cool. It sounds like your being very useful in Japan too, propping up all the bars for them.

      Dengue was shit, but it was only mild compared to his bad it can be. I’m reet now though and we are both doing spiffingly.

      Have you got any further deciding whether you gonna move on and do woofing or sumet, or maybe get a job and stay where you are?

      • Paul Mount says:

        No Idea at the moment dude what I’m going to do, go a bit lazy recently with just chilling out/not working/drinking too much. Will have to start thinking about work in the next month or so and weigh up my options. Really enjoying it tho I as I’ve met a good crowd of people who are really nice and I’m starting to get used to living in Japan.

        Whats the plans for you two over the next couple of months?

      • dahl24 says:

        Nowt wrong with taking a bit of time to settle in. It’s beltin that you’ve fell in with a good bunch of people.

        We’re in Laos now, 2 weeks volunteering and 2 weeks travelling. Then we travel down through Thailand North-South (about a month), probably a couple of weeks in volunteering there too, then down through Malaysia (few weeks), Singapore (just a few days, may not even go depending on funds), and into Indonesia. Then its probably a case of hanging around in Bali for as long as it takes to hitch on a boat to Darwin (it’s a hard life).

        Gonna try and pull my finger out and bring the blog up to date… Look forward to keeping up to date with all your misadventures as well.

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