Sam and Amy... Samy

Sam and Amy… Samy

Is it a barm? barmcake? bun? roll? cob? bread cake? oven bottom? morning roll? bap?
On 13th February 2013, Amy and Me put such bread based conundrums behind us and
depart the barmcake abundant North West of England, setting off on a fair owd trek…

Our aim – to travel overland to Australia from the UK without flying. We hope to take our time, taking in the places we visit along the way. A few parts of our trip are pre-planned, such as the Trans-Siberian trip and stays at Lake Baikal and Ulan Bator, but for the most part we will be winging it. So plans and routes are subject to change…

Both of us have some family in Australia, so have wanted to spend some time out there for a while. We also wanted to do some “proper traveling” so it seemed like a spiffing idea to combine the two. Also, I really hate flying.

For a rough plan of our our route (with a map) click HERE.

This blog has a few intended purposes – the main one simply being a personal record of our journey for posterity. Having the combined capacity for memory of a ZX Spectrum, keeping records of cool things we do is important… Additionally, we intend to answer some very important questions such as: Where can you find the best chips? What are the social implications of my pathetic attempts to grow a beard? and how many cultural wonders can we degrade by reducing them to nothing but a mark out of ten?…

Obviously, it is also primarily for our friends/family/enemies to follow what we’re up to…

And finally, it is vaguely feasible that some unwitting strangers may stumble across this fountain of piffle, so if this blog can be of any help/inspiration to fellow travelers, then great.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sue and Phil says:

    Hiya. Loving your blog. Good to hear that all is going well on your big adventure. Looking forward to seeing you when you reach us in Adelaide ! Take care and have fun !!

    • dahl24 says:

      Hi guy’s! Glad your enjoying the blog, were having a great time…

      And were looking forward to christmas in Oz, with sunshine!

      Look forward to seeing you all again, xx

  2. palomino says:

    This sounds fantastic … ENJOY everything even the sucky parts 🙂

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