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The Great Firewall of China

Just as the Great Wall of China was built to keep out the fierce Mongol Hordes, China’s great Firewall is currently doing its job of censoring these 2 fierce and intrepid travellers. We were so naive, the Chinese obviously saw the Sam and Amy invasion coming a mile off.

Not only does the People’s Republic of China block access to the gargantuan waffle fountains that are Facebook and twitter, it also blocks access to WordPress, the blogging platform through which we are broadcasting our fearless brand of investigate travel journalism. However, through a mixture of courageous daring do, and taking my phone out of my pocket I have found a loophole in the system which allows us to post. I’m using the WordPress app on my phone. This means I can post, but doing the usual essay of piffle and wodge of photos just isn’t possible without using the laptop.

All is not lost however, China my have won this battle, but the war still rages on. We will not sit idly by and let these harrowing reports of the strange foods we have eaten and what the weather was like go unreported. We cannot be silenced… Hopefully.

Keeping up to date with the blog on our Trans-Siberian journey has been quite difficult as we were always on the move and under deadlines with no real down time. I’ve prepared a few posts of our misadventures so far to bring the blog more up to date, but currently I can’t post them.

It’s amazing how much of the Internet China has managed to censor. Most social networking and blogging platforms are censored. Opinions and suchlike are detrimental to the future of the people and must be stopped at all costs.

Realistically, I get the impression that all the great firewall really does is piss off foreigners, I think most Chinese who regularly use the Internet use a proxy or VPN. We just need to find a way of doing this too. As you might of guessed, many search engine terms are blocked, such as VPN, Proxy, and how to get round the great firewall of China etc. other things that are blocked are anything on Tianamen square and even China’s Wikipedia page.

If anyone back home can give us any advice on how to thwart China’s merciless attempts to censor our regime changing blog, it would be much appreciated and you would go down in history as a hero to the cause.

It’s time to sign off as I think I hear the stomp of boots marching down the corridor…

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