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Well, it appears that my last post on this blog was over a year ago. Anyone who follows our progress solely from this blog might reasonably have assumed that never made it out of China – sucked into the dark world of organised crime, huge debts owed to ruthless gang lords, forced into semi-slave labour to pay off our debts, making iphones, mattel toys and cheap consumer crap for the unrelenting western consumer machine.

However, despite the high probability of this reasonable assumption, any such assumer would be surprisingly incorrect. We did not, in fact, get sucked into the dark world of organised crime, or at any point get involved in horrendous exploitative factory work. We actually had a jolly nice time, and went on to succeed in our goal of arriving in Australia without catching a single plane. Yep, well over 12500 miles (20000km) and a lot of buses, trains, boats, rickshaws and tuk-tuks.

The reason for the lack of activity on the blog is basically down to what a great time we’ve been having or how busy we’ve been working since we arrived in Australia (and also a little bit down to a slight case of the boneidleitis).

Heroically, I have been managing to keep physical notes along the way, and still plan on continuing the blog in a linear fashion to create a little online diary/reference for ourselves and anyone else who may, bewilderingly, still be interested.

So, still to come: Inadvertently desecrating a sacred turtles lake in Vietnam, temples, volunteering in Cambodia and Lao, Dengue fever, eating beetles and bird fetuses, temples, cruising around South East Asia on motorbikes, temples, Bangkok, not getting blown up in Hat Yai, did I mention temples? many incredibly kind couchsurfing hosts in Malaysia, cockroach infested ferries to Indonesia, our first experience of Australian culture in Bali, and hitching an 11 day boat ride with a crazy old Australian dude on his 40ft sloop – straight from Bali to Darwin.

Since arriving in Australia, we worked a Mango season in Darwin, drove 4000km through the desert, had our first beach-Christmas, bought a 34 year old camper van, broke down, slayed lettuces and rocket on a salad farm in Victoria, broke down, went to Tasmania, spent 3 months squeezing mammary glands on a dairy farm at Wilsons Prom, broke down, got seduced by Sydney, did I mention we broke down? traveled up the East coast, got tick typhus, drove back to Darwin for Mango season number 2, broke down, drove back through the desert, broke down, then escaped back to beautiful Tasmania, where I am writing this with a smug grin on my face, hours after catching my second gigantic Australian Salmon – and we haven broke down for a while either.

So, apart from me developing an uncanny ability to contract any available insect borne disease, both Amy and I are very well, and thoroughly enjoying getting back to nature and living wild in Tasmania, as we begin to contemplate our impending integration back into civilised society. I suppose the prospect of returning to some kind of less nomadic life has prompted a bit of reflection on the past couple of years, hence the urge to continue the blog.

I’ll be adding some more posts soon, and I’ve also got a bit of a side project – STICK NO BILL ( –  a design/photography blog which may or may not be of interest.