Design Work

I’m (Sam) a graphic designer by trade, so I’m always
on the look out for for work, exciting projects and collaborations…
Have a look at the links to my work below, and please do get in touch.

Designing for print has generally been my main thing,
but I’ve been doing a fair bit of illustration and web design recently…

My personal portfolio website:

My portfolio within the Behance network:

My C.V. and professional credentials on LinkedIn:

My tumblr blog. A journey from Manchester UK, to Australia. Traveling over land and sea, appreciating the graphic and typographic aesthetics of the everyday: Faded posters, decaying handbills, dusty pamphlets, crumbling shop fronts, hand painted notices, rusty road signs, boat names, industrial stamps, urban compossitions, graffiti, street art, and feral typography.

I’m on twitter but I never use it, twit me something interesting and encourage me:


One thought on “Design Work

  1. Leanne says:

    Hope you guys are having fun fun fun!!! Ill leave you a comment everyday of your trip! Only kidding!!!! Lots of love! Hope your not too pie eyes now xxxx

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