A rough plan of our route is:

UK – Netherlands – Belgium – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria – Slovakia – Hungary – Poland – Russia – Mongolia – China – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia.

Scroll down for the Map…

We almost certainly won’t go to every single place listed, as we want to get to know places a bit, rather than just check-listing, (and we have time/money restrictions) but this is a rough idea of the plan…

After the ferry journey to Amsterdam, we will be traveling mainly by train, then probably ferries once we start running out of land around Singapore. Apparently it isn’t very straightforward to get to Australia from South East Asia without flying. There are no passenger ferries, so it involves getting a room on a cargo ship, bumming a lift on a private vessel, or floating across in a barrel or something…

Once in Oz we’ll be working for 3 months as we’ll most likely of run out of dosh by this point. Plus, 3 months agricultural work gives you the option to extend your working travel visa to 2 years instead of 1….

A fair owd trek

A fair owd trek


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